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Recently some of our customers have taken a few knocks.

We have had cause to reflect on how we do business and where our core values lead us.

Perhaps we are a bit old fashioned, but we come back to the principle that partnership, rather than profit, comes first. Regardless of what comes across the bow.

When we win, we win together. When things don't quite go according to plan we will be there all the same, helping pick up the pieces.

If you would like to see what that means to your business talk to us, or better still talk to our customers.

Tessell8, great service, whatever the world brings



Look what's arrived in Starbucks stores at Welcome Break!

As small as a shelf edge label or as large as a global brand, we support all manner of companies to make their lives easier.

I am told the cookie is also very nice and a great way to support a great charity!



A great team weekend with our Polish partners.

Valuable time spent chatting and wandering around beautiful Oxford.

Finally arriving at the fireworks in South park, followed by dinner to warm up again!

If you have any business delivering to central or eastern Europe, talk to us. Tessell8's partner teams can deliver quicker and cheaper around the globe - especially from Poland ;-)



For all our customers based in the USA....

Across our European sites our clocks fell back last weekend.

So, for this week, the time difference is only four hours.

That means we all get an extra hour, every day, to meet those insane deadlines! ;-)


canada again



This week Tessell8 will be delivering sets of training kits to Canada for our client based in Germany.

Nothing special there.

What is special is that we will be using our global partner base so we are producing the material in Canada at the local sizes and formats.

We are also delivering locally so our client will save over €200 in shipping.

Finally because we are registered in Canada we can charge on the GST correctly so our client doesn't need to absorb it.


Talk to Tessell8.

charities 2016

There’s not a lot of point in having stuff if it can’t be shared around.

From the very first day, when we all sat around the table and came up with the ideas behind Tessell8, we committed to give at least 10% of our profit away.

We are privileged to be able to support three great charities this year.

BETHESDA, changing the lives of young girls in India,

DEAN COURT changing lives of young and old in their community

THE AIR AMBULANCE, doing amazing work to save lives.

undefinedFind out more at http://www.tessell8.eu/giving.php

typical week

A typical week in the world of Tessell8:-

Surprise brief for billboard poster design in 8.50am, three options for billboard design delivered by lunch time.
Extra charges for rush service?



Surprise files in from Spain 4pm Friday, artwork done by 4.30pm Friday,
approval 4.45pm Friday, material manufactured Saturday, finished Monday and delivered to Sweden Tuesday.
Extra charges for rush service?



Tessell8 - Great Service - whatever the world brings


planet earth

This weekend we met quite a lot of people who wanted to know what we do here at Tessell8.

Simply put, we create automated and streamlined systems to get your 'stuff' (design, web stores, content, posters, printed manuals, POS & POP) exactly where you need it and exactly when you need it. We give 10% of our profit away so we don't have plush expensive offices or flash cars but we have a passion for "doing what can't be done".

Where can we do this?

pretty much anywhere here....


ride oxford

Yesterday the Tessell8 team had a great day cycling (with over 1000 other people) to raise money for Helen and Douglas House.

To find out about the charities we support see our giving page, these will change very soon for this financial year!


so ISO

We passed our 9001 audit with a recommendation that we our certification for the system is kept! Crazy to think we have been running with 9001 for 3 years now and really glad we used it as a foundation for the business. 9001 - 2015 here we come!


This really has been crucial to enabling us to do what we do on a daily basis. We were awarded the certification within 3 months of starting the company. It was a lot of additional cost in the beginning but we wouldn't change it for one second.


Yet more great feedback from our customers in the recent survey.

As always these are genuine, unedited, real responses to a voluntary survey.

"Friendly, helpful, timely service."

"Simply Awesome"

"As always enjoy working with the team and appreciate the flexibility and overall level of service."

thanks to all our customers - we love working with you!!


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